About the Game:

This game was made for the first jam of Game Dev Técnico - the Secret Santa Jam. The idea behind the jam was to write a letter to Santa Claus asking for something you'd like in a game, then everyone gets a pair and receives two letters from other people, and it's up to you to conciliate those two themes into a game in 48 hours. The first letter we received asked for an unhealthy amount of codfish, while the second asked for frogs and birds.


The game is an endless runner where you have to use each animal's natural abilities to dodge incoming obstacles and munch on your prey.

How to play:

Use your mouse to click the animal whose action you want to take:

  • The Codfish swims, allowing you to dodge obstacles above the water, such as buoys.
  • The Bird flies, allowing you to dodge lower obstacles, such as the rocks.
  • The Frog lets out its tongue, letting you eat various delicious prey, you only gain points by eating prey.

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